Payment Protection Insurance Compensation Review

It is estimated that 48 million PPI policies were sold in the UK, although only around 12 million complaints have been made, the Financial Conducy Authority (FCA) is introducing a ‘time bar’ which means that clients will not be able to complain after August 2019.

Confidential PPI Claims are urging all customers who have been sold, or who think they have been sold, payment protection insurance (PPI) to make their claim as soon as possible.

Customers can complain themselves to the bank who sold the payment protection insurance (PPI) and if that claim is rejected the payment protection insurance (PPI) complaint can then be referred to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS)

Many customers employ claims management professionals to do this work, although a change in the legal framework to complaints means that solicitors may be better placed to make these claims using law, rather than financial services regulations.

This is in the light of a client winning her legal claim in the Supreme Court Plevin v Paragon Finance), which sets a precedent for some customers across the UK. Clients who have been rejected in the payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation claim may now win their claim by using solicitors to use the law to the benefit of the customer.

Confidential PPI Claims has now appointed solicitors and barristers expert in banking and finance law to take these claims on behalf of their clients, and many are now being awarded compensation who were previously turned down.

These claims are taken on a no win no fee basis meaning rejected payment protection insurance (PPI) claimants literally have nothing to lose.

Customers in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and all across Scotland, England Northern Ireland and Wales are now in receipt of compensation, even though they were originally turned down.

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