Payment Protection Insurance Scandal

It is estimated that 48 million payment protection insurance (PPI) policies were sold across Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

Although only 12 million complaints have been made financial services regulator (the financial conduct authority (FCA)) is imposing a time bar and complaints will not be allowed to be made after August 2019.

Over the past few years banks have been fined by their regulator hundreds of millions of ponds for mishandling customer complaints.

The Lloyds Group (which includes Lloyds TSB, Blackhorse, Bank of Scotland, and Halifax Bank of Scotland) were handed down a fine of £117 million. Amongst other banks fined are HSBC and Clydesdale Bank.

This means that payment protection insurance (PPI) policyholders everywhere from Aberdeen, through Edinburgh and Glasgow, Lanarkshire and all over Scotland, England, Ireland, and Wales could have their complaint unfairly rejected or been paid less compensation than they were entitled to.

That is why Confidential PPI Claims have appointed a firm of barristers and solicitors expert in banking and finance law to take complaints on customers’ behalf, and run these complaints on a no win no fee basis.

About 20% of previous payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints when reviewed using legal protocols have seen additional compensation awarded to policyholders.

Payment protection insurance (PPI) policyholders are now asking Confidential PPI Claims to conduct a free review of their previous claims.

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