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No Win – No Fee – You Can’t Lose

Old and New PPI Compensation claims

If you haven′t claimed before

…a deadline has been set and time is running out.

If you were told you never had PPI

…claim again, new search methods now mean you could win.

If your PPI claim was previously rejected

…claim again, your claim may now be successful.

If you had a previously successful PPI claim

…claim again, it may be worth £1000’s more.

What We Do. Getting Back Your Mis-sold PPI & Compensation

We get back your mis-sold PPI, whether it’s a brand new claim, a further claim against a previous successful claim or even if your previous claim was rejected for whatever reason – you are now in the right place – to reclaim what is owed to you, and remember a deadline has now been set, so start your claim today!

Had a Successful PPI Claim? Claim Again it Could Be Worth £1000’s More!

What Will Happen Next With Your PPI Compensation Claim.

Customer Care Call.

Once we receive your claim form we will give you a call, please supply us with an easy to reach telephone number, and together we can discuss your claim in more detail.

Claims Pack Sent To You.

We will send you your completed Claims Pack which you simply sign and return to us. This enables us to work on your behalf and reclaim your mis-sold PPI compensation..

PPI Claim Now Processing.

Now we have all the information about your compensation claim, our team of Claims Specialists, Legal Advisors and Barristers will process your no win – no fee compensation claim.

Why Choose Confidential PPI Claims?

We are not just another PPI compensation claims company, we use the law and legal argument to ensure that you get the best possible result. There is no hiding place for the banks, building societies and credit card companies when we deal with your compensation claim through our barristers and solicitors.

When claiming with us all of your data is 100% protected. Your data is always encrypted and will only be viewed by your nominated claims advisor and legal team. All data is held in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

We really do believe in 100% transparency, so call us anytime to discuss your Payment Protection Insurance Claim and what stage it is at and when it should be concluded and we will tell you this based on the information we have at hand at that time. This is a no win – no fee service. Our fee of 30% plus VAT will only be payable on the back of a successful outcome. Our legal team have a success rate of over 97% on all PPI cases this year alone.


Here is a collection of some frequently asked questions from our clients:

If you have the loan agreements or credit card details where PPI was included, great. If not don’t worry. All we need is your name and address and the lender or credit card provider who sold you the PPI. Our solicitors will take it from there. If you have previously claimed, it’s the same. Any details you have are helpful, but whether you were rejected or won your claim and want to make sure you were fully paid, we can find the details so long as you know which bank or lender was involved.

Some claims are settled within 8-12 weeks however others may take longer, but the sooner you get in touch the closer any payout to you will be.

We have won claims for clients who were sold PPI in the ‘90’s. Don’t give up if you think you have a claim. Our solicitors will undertake forensic checks and use legal processes to find any claims you may have.

Pretty much! Our barristers and solicitors are experts in banking and finance law, but you will only pay your fee when the claim is won. If we don’t win, you don’t pay a penny. This also applies when your previous claim was lost, or if our lawyers take on your previous claim and win additional compensation.

Still Have Some Questions Left?

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